Basic knowledge of medical supplies

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Basic knowledge of medical supplies

The knowledge of medical supplies is the basic knowledge, even if you are in any field, you need to know the basic information to use in life. Medical supplies you may have heard a lot but do you understand what medical supplies are and what types are available? We would like to send you the basic information about medical supplies in the article below

1. What is medical supplies?

Medical supplies prescribed by the Ministry of Health

Medical supplies are a conventional concept that refers to categories such as consumables, supplies, tools ... used in diagnosis, treatment and care of patients.

2. Classification of medical supplies

Medical materials are divided into different types for users to conveniently use through storage and use

1 time consumable supplies: medical gloves

Materials consumed 1 time

- Supplies for plastic and rubber consumption: fluid transmission, syringes, breathing belts, gloves ...

Some medical supplies

- Hemostatic supplies: bong, gauze, garnet, ...

-Metal supplies: scalpels, needles, splints, screws ....

- Supplies for paper consumption: all kinds of papers used to print medical examination and treatment results

- Laboratory supplies: cone heads, test tubes, specimen containers ...

In addition, there are specialized furniture items in medical, consumable supplies and X-ray materials, etc.

Medical supplies

Medical instruments

Medical equipment consists of 3 main types: examination instruments, surgical instruments, endoscopic surgical instruments. For examination tools, there are simple devices such as stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, reflex hammer, thermometer ... Pank surgical instruments, scissors, clamps, knife handles, .. And surgical instruments Endoscopy includes: trocar, clip-hemlock, need to lift the uterus ....

Chemicals and medical bio-products

We divided into 3 categories according to usage characteristics:
- Special test chemicals used with the device: depending on the characteristics of each different type of machine, we have the chemicals attached to support.

 As the commonly used chemicals for machines, we also divided the characteristics of the machines as follows:
+ Chemicals for hematology testing - blood formulas
+ Blood chemistry biochemical test
+ Urine biochemical test chemicals (test strips)
+ Chemical immunoassay
+ Electrolyte test chemicals
+ Chemicals for blood gas testing
+ Coagulation test chemicals
+ HbA1C test chemicals

Test chemicals

- Common chemicals: are chemicals used for normal tests such as solutions and detergents, antiseptic.

+ Common laboratory chemicals: KOH, NaOH, Acidacetic, Logul ...

+ Bleaching, disinfecting and disinfecting chemicals: hand washing, washing tools, cleaning room for epidemics ...

- Biological testing products: medical biological products are chemicals packed according to parameters for quick diagnosis such as pregnancy test strips, drug test strips, HIV, ...

Types of medical supplies

+ Usually chemicals are packaged separately according to each parameter, for quick diagnosis

+ Types of rapid diagnostic tests (quik test): pregnancy test for hepatitis B, HIV, drugs ...

+ Circles, test for antibiotic testing

+ Types of food safety test

Because there are many small supplies contained in medical supplies, each type of material will have a different characteristics and uses.


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