Distinguish Calibration, Inspection and Calibration.

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Distinguish Calibration, Inspection and Calibration.

What is calibration?

Calibration is a defining activity, establishing a relationship between measurement standards and measuring devices to evaluate its errors and other technical and measurement characteristics. Calibration is not mandatory, based on customer calibration results determine whether the device is used or not.

Calibration aims to:

+ Maintain the values ​​of the standard system as well as the system of measuring devices being used, their association with measurement standards to ensure the consistency and accuracy of the measurement.

+ Determine the error of the measuring device and then adjust the measuring device to suit the measurements.

+ Ensure the reliability of measuring devices for the measurement results.

+ Determine the measurement uncertainty of the measuring device.

+ Helping to detect failure or predicting failure and planning to repair measuring devices.

+ Accordance with quality standards of industry, national and international.

What is calibration?

Correction is to correct errors of machines and equipment to achieve the necessary accuracy and reliability of machines and equipment.

What is verification?

Verification: is the determination or consideration of the appropriateness of the measuring device against the legal requirements of meeting specific technical criteria or not, the result determined by the state inspection agency is achieved or not reached

Testing is mandatory for measuring devices included in the "List of equipment subject to inspection" under Decision No. 13/2007 / QD-BKHCN of July 6, 2007 of the Ministry of Science and Technology . The verification is only performed by a unit designated by a competent state agency (in the field of Standards - Measurement - Quality) within the designated scope. Measuring equipment, after being certified, can be affixed with inspection stamps or granted inspection certificates by the State management agency in charge of measurement or an authorized state inspection agency and has legal validity throughout the country.

The same between calibration and verification:

It is the comparison of the measuring instrument with the standard to evaluate its errors and other technical and measurement characteristics.

Differences between calibration and verification:

An audit required by law, mandatory application, while calibration is voluntary.


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